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Your Brexit ready checklist

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Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI)       

Ensure both buyer and seller are registered in their own country and have a valid EORI number to enable the sending/receiving of shipments between EU/UK.

How to register for an EORI number?

Validate EORI numbers – to check authorised

Duty Deferment account

Apply for your own Duty Deferment account with Irish revenue online. This will allow you to pay your applicable customs duty directly to revenue.

EU/UK Preferential Origin

If the product you are buying or selling does not qualify for UK or EU preferential status, it is possible duty is applicable at destination, something that could be very costly to the recipient of goods.

Registered Exporters System (REX)

Exporting goods to the UK

Customs Duty Rates

If you are Importing or Exporting to/from Ireland/UK, it is important to note the duty rates that are applicable to your product on arrival in each country, if your product does not qualify for EU/UK preferential origin status agreement.


Incoterms® 2020 are set of rules decided by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) which are used to execute a trade.

Who (Buyer or Seller) will bear the various costs at various stages of a trade like packing, loading, shipping, clearing & forwarding, Transportation, Insurance, duty, THC etc. is decided by these incoterms.

QUOTA – Tariff quotas and ceilings

Tariff rate quotas (TRQs) allow a pre-determined quantity of a product to be imported at lower import duty rates (in-quota duty) than the duty rate normally applicable to that product.


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