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Scatter Box

UK Trade Show Logistics Made Easy

Customer Name:

Scatterbox - Autumn Fair 2023
Abbeylands Furniture Ltd.
Newgate, Kells Road, Navan,
Co. Meath, C15 TK52, Ireland

The Problem:  

Ace Express have always been helpful and knowledgeable in providing solutions to any freight challenge big or small that our business has faced. Recently, with the re-opening of the trade show exhibitions in the UK, we faced new logistical challenges, as it was also our first exhibition post Brexit. Trade Shows are an extremely important part of our business to showcase our new ranges, meet existing customers and welcome new customers. It is the best opportunity that we have to promote the Scatterbox brand, product and get momentum for seasonal sales. We pack up our showroom and transport it over to the UK twice / three times per year for UK exhibitions. 

We needed to transport the products and show stand without incurring Duty / Vat as this product is a temporary export. We engaged with Ace Express Freight for their guidance and direction of how to efficiently over-come these challenges. We were advised that an ATA Carnet would be the solution to getting the goods smoothly to the UK – the function of the ATA Carnet was clearly advised and how to go about obtaining the paperwork. 

Our Solution:  

ACE clearly explained the functionality of the ATA Carnet, its importance but also how / where to register for the documentation and the contacts within Dublin Chamber of Commerce. They advised from their side, timings from receipt of paperwork to ensure no delays with processing and most importantly to get the stock and stand to the show on time. We worked with Eamon, Nathan and Colm. They were always knowledgeable on the end of a phone call, email without delay. They advised who to contact, how to register for the Carnet and explained the purpose and the documents importance throughout each export / import stage. The team followed up on every stage of export / import with updates of status, easing any concerns that we may have. 


To generate the Carnet requires elements of information and input from each function within our company. Our team is now prepared in a timely manner and our suppliers and stand build companies are also happy to have the products with ease and with no additional costs incurred on their side. Not only has the ATA carnet eased the flow of physical product to the UK, it has benefited the transfer of information and engaged our team fully. 

It has been beneficial to our business to be able to dispatch our stands and stock to the UK safely, knowing that all necessary documentation is in order and there will not be a hold up with customs, as well as ultimately being able to reach our UK customer base face-to-face again. It has meant that we have had to prepare our stock efficiently and timely to get the paperwork ready and stock smoothly to the UK. We are currently preparing for our next exhibition in the UK in September and have dispatched our stand already mid-August. 

It has meant that we can exhibit at UK shows without incurring even greater costs with Duties, customs entries etc. Trade shows have always been a key forum for us to release our new collections, network and conduct business. Presenting our designs in person at trade shows is vital to us and allows us bring them to life. It allowed our customers to truly experience our products.
The benefits & cost saving the ATA Carnet has provided our business open doors for Abbeylands to exhibit at more trade shows in the UK going forward. 


From our first dealing with ACE, we have always found the team to be helpful, knowledgeable and competent. From looking after our palletised product locally and internationally, they have always been effective with timely deliveries, quality of service and have offered competitive rates, nothing goes wrong. The team provide solutions to all freight challenges our business can face, or are happy to investigate solutions for us also. We have trust in their knowledge and guidance and look forward to many more years working together.

Éilish Carolan
Abbeylands Furniture (Navan) Ltd

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