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Global Air Freight services with Ace Express Freight

Global Air Freight

Global Air Freight

Ace Express Freight provide seamless global air freight service to and from any location worldwide. Together with our exclusive partner Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Ace Express Freight can enhance the competitiveness, speed and reliability of our clients' business. Our quality driven approach, experience and IT solutions combine to ensure reliable performance, process and cost optimisation across your supply chain.

What makes our global air freight service different? 

  • We can offer global coverage with access to over 489 offices worldwide, 
  • We have an in-house customs team - all Import / Export declarations completed by trained personnel,
  • We serve all vertical industries including: 
    • Automotive
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Perishable
    • Logistics
    • Life Sciences
    • Aerospace
    • Fashion Logistics
  • Export personnel are trained to handle DG cargo and are IATA Security certified 
  • Years of experience in Global Air Freight 

Temp Control Pharmaceuticals   

We offer cross dock operation for handling movements of Temp Control Pharmaceuticals (+15 - +25 C ) collected directly from the Shipper and transferred to our cross dock where we fit thermal covers and rewrap the pallets, then apply Air and Temp Control labels to the pallets before transfer to the Airport for onward flight connections. Shipments are monitored at all stages of transit up to Consignee at final destination and all flight information is available on our tracking site. 

Life Sciences - Temp Control Units 

We handle regular exports of vaccines for large multinational companies who require stringent transit temperature control requirements (+2 - 8 C). We consign these in Vac-Q-Tec containers which are prepped to maintain an internal temperature of +5 C for 5-7 days. 

We transfer these units to the Shipper when the Container Temperature has been verified and they finish loading products. The Units are then sealed and we complete Airport transfer for same day flight departure to the destination. Upon arrival at the destination our agent will request a pre-clearance process to be completed and immediate transfer and delivery to the Consignee.

Customs Import for Fashion Logistics

We offer a dedicated Customs Clearance process for import apparel shipments which require multi tariff declarations. We often process entries consisting of 60+ HTS codes. We developed a system with our IT provider to complete automatic download direct from the shippers Commercial documents into the Customs ROS system. This dictates all relevant applicable duty rates for the individual classifications and it also eliminates time consuming data entry requirements. 

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