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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance and compliance is one of the key services offered by Ace Express Freight. We are located close to both Airports and Docks and we have all the experienced staff and facilities on hand to minimise any possible complications; including online customs clearance, bonded warehouse and transit bond facilities, along with airport security clearance. We are an AEO Accredited Company dealing in all aspects of Import and Export to and from Ireland.  

What makes us different?

  • You can be assured of prompt clearance and an excellent reputation with customs authorities.
  • We have a strong and experienced team that are customer focused and have a professional approach to their work.
  • We have traded very successfully for over 30 years at various cross border land boundaries within Ireland.
  • We also offer T1 Transit, Excise Duty Entries and Intrastat Services.

Our Services

We have a dedicated team of Customs Clearance Clerks available for all your Import and Export Requirements. Our team has a wealth of knowledge on customs procedures and requirements and we can provide the following:

  • One single point of contact for Customs Clearance when dealing with multiple shippers.
  • One single point of contact for storage and retrieval of all your Customs Documents in the event of a Customs audit.

We gather complete information on the product being transported, the cost of the product and ancillary costs, and we can make use of our systems and expertise to ensure the correct declarations are made to Customs. By having these procedures in place both parties can be assured of prompt clearance and excellent reputations with Customs authorities. Our Backup Facilities allow for storage of documents for a minimum of 4 years plus the current year – each transaction having a unique internal reference to allow for ease of retrieval if and when required.

As a service provider focused on our customers, we go to great lengths to understand their Trade and Customs Requirements and ensure they are fully compliant. This has proven to be the main reason that Ace Express Freight is recognised as one of the leading independent Customs Brokers within the country.

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