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3rd Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics

As specialists in the provision of logistics services by road, sea and air, Ace Express Freight provides third party logistics services to key clients who require unbiased expert advice. We provide expertise in areas such as custom clearance, interstats, movement of bonded goods and warehousing, handling of dangerous goods, domestic or international distribution, air freight services, cool chain for the life science and pharmaceutical, along with short sea and deep sea solutions for various business sectors.

What makes us different?

  • When we say expert advice you don’t need to take our word for it, we have been awarded a number of accolades by our peers including the Irish Exporter’s Logistics Company of the Year, and the Irish Institute of Transport and Logistics “Freight Forwarder of the year”.
  • We have also been awarded the Deloitte “Ireland's Best Managed Company” accolade every year for the last 12 consecutive years. 
  • We also hold a number of national and international accreditations in various areas such as GDP, AEO, ISO, IATA.  
  • The major benefit of employing Ace Express Freight as your third party advisor is that we don’t just know the theory of what right looks like, but we can also offer a lot of simple common sense practical advice that will ensure that you have an efficient supply chain for the future. 

Cool Chain distribution 

Ace Express Freight can offer sound impartial, third party advice on the best options for the distribution of goods in active or passive containers. This involves the handling of sensitive samples where no risks can be taken and where full tracking and certified data can be provided for each and every journey.

Warehousing and pick and pack operations 

It has been reported time and time again that up to 17% of sales are lost due to out of stock items, this loss of sales can equate to up to 33% of end of year profits. Ensuring the correct levels of stock, how they are stored and the best use of manpower and equipment is not just an artform but a scientific model that when applied can give very measurable profit driven results. The storage and pick and pack requirements from different products can be as varied as the number of items held. Ace Express Freight has proven methods and models that have worked for a large number of very satisfied customers, so why not employ a third party logistics expert and reap the rewards. 

Pick, pack and distribution

Your goods can arrive on time each and every time, or your goods can arrive late, it’s your choice! This is another area of specialist expertise for Ace Express Freight, we can not only offer you excellent storage and pick and pack solutions, but we can also provide access to an award winning distribution network that operates 24 -7.  Yes, that’s correct, while you sleep AEF are working away to ensure that goods picked on day one are delivered nationwide on day two. This efficient third party logistics service ensures that just the right amount of stock is held in storage, helping to keep stock rotation and expensive stock holding to the minimum levels, while also ensuring that your customers get the deliveries when and where needed each and every day.  

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