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Gaining Competitive Advantage in a Crisis

30 July 2020

Gaining Competitive Advantage in a Crisis

We have all heard it said “Don’t waste a good crisis” so how do you and your company gain an advantage during the current COVID 19 pandemic? For sure in this crisis where we are experiencing something different that we have not met before in business, most of us will worry or indeed will be anxious where this new world will bring us and ask can we survive or even flourish in a market that is totally unpredictable? Within the Freight and Transport Business we are at the very front-line, so we see first-hand the challenges faced with the rise and fall of business levels and activity by week or by month. So how do we handle situations on behalf of customers that can see levels of activity rise and fall by as much as 75% but keep the show on the road and deliver high levels of service on a daily basis? 

We would consider our main advantage to be our network of agents and partners, not just here in Ireland but right across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. By having a tried and tested network with agreements in place on pricing and service levels ensures that the load is spread evenly across the wider network. An example of this would be say if you took 100 orders tomorrow, putting them into our UK delivery network of 90 depots, both the size and scale of the network is able to expand and contract in line with you our customers’ needs while still maintaining best value and high service levels.

The other option is to try and wait and see if you can compile enough orders to run your own vehicles which can have an extremely high set running costs, no opportunity to take advantages of co-loading and can also run the risk of delayed service as you work even harder to try and fill loads for your vehicles to minimise costs.  

So, our advice is simple use an established delivery network that will help minimise set costs while maximising service levels ensuring you and your company get a reputation for delivery on time every time even in a crisis! 

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