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Excellence in Outsourced Logistics

03 August 2020

Excellence in Outsourced Logistics

In the post-COVID and pre-Brexit world, warehousing capacity has been clearly identified as a major business concern, consequently some businesses are now having to incorporate a fully outsourced warehousing strategy into their business model. The team at Ace Express Freight provide the logistics expertise to design a tailored and reliable solution that will meet all your requirements with proven performance measured via rigorous Business and Customer KPIs. 

Warehouse & Logistics - Business KPIs

Ace Express Freight can be proudly identified as one of the leaders when it comes to operating a fully integrated and logistical warehousing service. Service is very important to us and we identify ourselves as being best in class when it comes to the logistics solutions we deliver. Some key KPI drivers that pinpoint this best in class service are: 

  • Dublin delivery service level @ 99.9%
  • Country delivery service level @ 99.1%
  • Operational service level @ 99.6%
  • Inbound service level @ 99.1%

These drivers allow us to attract and work with various types of industries nationally & Internationally such as Life Sciences, Pharma, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing & Retail and by understanding and responding effectively to a changing market these key drivers allow us to become an extension to our customers’ business.

Customer KPIs

Within Ace Express Freight it is vitally important that our customers are informed and positioned to know how we are managing their Products (Brands) in relation to their specific activities. Ace Express Freight devise specific customer key performance drivers that are measured against best in class indicators, these drivers are then submitted to our customers for their review.

Key Service drivers

  1. Inbound turnaround 
  2. Stock management
  3. Delivery service
  4. Volume handling metric’s
  5. Non-Conformance metric’s
  6. Track & Trace

We also pride ourselves on being able to react to any adverse conditions that present themselves. For example, the current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted huge positives over the past few months and being identified as an essential service has allowed Ace Express Freight to be at the fore in ensuring our customers’ services were minimally impacted.

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