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Download our Brexit Toolkit

28 July 2020

Download our Brexit Toolkit 

A key part of our Brexit preparations has been the ongoing process of educating our customers and the Irish export sector as a whole about the potential requirements and preparations they need to make depending on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. This has been a complex and ever changing process, with the situation changing constantly. 

To help inform our customers we have contacted and talked to them by phone, organised onsite Brexit presentations and Q&A sessions with our customer’s staff, sent out information emails and updates regularly and actively participated in export and logistics industry events. 

We have also prepared a Brexit Toolkit with the latest advice and a checklist of Brexit resources for different types of customers. The information was researched and compiled by our experienced in-house team in order to provide tailored, concise and practical advice around the specific requirements for freight and logistics teams involved in the export and import of goods between the UK and Ireland. 

You can read our Brexit Toolkit below or download a PDF .  


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