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Our Values

Our Values

At Ace Express Freight, our core value is to provide excellence in service, by caring deeply for our customers, staff and suppliers/partners.  We strive to lead the way in our industry by constantly looking for innovations in our systems and to bring WOW factor to our service.  We hold each other accountable for implementing our shared mission, which is what you do when service is important.

We believe that happy staff bring integrity, pride and excellence to everything we do.  We practice shared leadership and take collective ownership of our goals.  We believe in living our values every day.  We take time to reflect and reward our people always, and that is why we introduced our annual ‘Living The Values’ awards.

Staff Values  

Integrity: by being genuine, constantly open and honest.

Our people show integrity by living the Ace Express Freight values in relationships with co-workers, customers and stakeholders, doing what they say they will do, being true to themselves.  We believe it goes deeper than honesty.  

  • We will always check that our actions are in line with the values we uphold.
  • You will always remember your last success if it was completed with your Integrity intact.
  • Be true to your principles; staying honest and consistent.
  • Genuine, consistently open and honest.
  • If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.
  • By doing the right thing every time.

Striving for Excellence: by never accepting less than our best.

We look for opportunities to improve what's currently in place, and we do not accept sub-standard work or results for ourselves or our customers.  We practice getting better at what we are doing, constantly  looking to raise the bar to get better results. 

  • We will always push for the highest quality and service for ourselves and our customers.
  • Do the little jobs better and watch the bigger picture get better.
  • Courage to take risks and reach beyond boundaries.
  • Excellence always sells.
  • Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.
  • By never accepting second best.

Ownership: taking responsibility and being part of the solution.

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to take action, and to be accountable for our work, our interactions with co-workers, customers and other stakeholders.  We believe in not walking past, when we see something not up to our standard, but to take responsibility to make a difference.  Our people are prepared to work beyond the call of duty in order to meet our customer's needs.

  • We own our actions, words and outcomes. We have a part to play in every success and in every failure.
  • If you acknowledge the problem, the problem gets fixed.
  • Stand Up. Follow Through. Own It.
  • Take responsibility and be part of the solution.
  • The Harder you work for something the greater you will feel when you achieve it.
  • By fearlessly following action to their close.

Reflection and Appreciation: by learning and sharing through our successes and failures.

We take the time to review and reflect on what we do and how it impacts our co-workers, customers and other stakeholders. We give consideration to others in the value stream, and how to help them.

  • Take time to know where you have been to appreciate where you are going.
  • Act. Reflect. Learn. Repeat.
  • Knowledge of where we are, and where we have come from.
  • You don’t build a business, you build people, then the people build a business.
  • Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.
  • By learning and sharing through both our successes and our failures

Working Relationship / Work Life Balance: developing and supporting each other to be the best that we can be.

We believe that a good working relationship is integral to happy staff.  We dedicate time to staff wellbeing through team building, social activities, family activities and rewards.  We offer a robust support structure through our dedicated HR Department, who ensure a work life balance exists for all our staff.   Our staff offer huge support to one another when needed.  We see our job at Ace Express Freight as an opportunity to learn and develop ourselves.  

  • One team, respect the person and the role.
  • Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
  • By listening to, empathising with and supporting each other.
  • Developing and supporting each other to achieve the best that we can be.

Business Values

Breakthrough: new thinking by introducing WOW!
We believe:

  • Creative thinking can take you anywhere
  • In the courage to succeed and the will to win 
  • Challenging the past, to build a better future.
  • All the breakthroughs and miracles you need are in people.
  • In disrupting the ‘norm’ to uncover the ‘wow’

Accountability: acknowledge that our successes are a result of what we do and how we do it.
We believe:

  • Accountability is the driving factor behind quality.
  • If it’s to be, it’s up to me(us)
  • Our success is a result of what we do.
  • By Delivering a pallet we deliver our promise.  

Agility and Speed: the time to do it is now!
We believe:

  • Our ability to stably and rapidly change in the face of challenges.
  • By a relentless pursuit of the eliminating all waste.
  • The time to do it is now.

Innovation: providing smarter solutions for changing times.
We believe:

  • Better solutions for changing requirements.
  • By enhancing value through IT excellence.

Leadership: acknowledge that our actions will empower others.
We believe:

  • Our actions will inspire others.
  • Leadership exists to help those who are doing poorly, to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.
  • Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better. 
  • By investing, developing and empowering leaders throughout the entire business at all levels.