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We Stand with Ukraine

04 April 2022

Like so many others, at Ace Express Freight we continue to be appalled and heartbroken in equal measure at the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

As the situation worsens each day, it is the Ukrainian citizens who are really feeling the devastating effects this War has brought on, with families being forced to flee their homes; cold, hungry and afraid. One of the many support groups raising vital funds for Ukraine is the Swords Lions Club, specifically aiming its support towards the growing number of orphans arising from this crisis. This group is being run by an Irishman, Mr Colin Mangan, alongside his Polish Wife, who is a qualified Therapist. The orphans being cared for by this group vary in age, unfortunately some are terminally ill and will require specialist treatment and all of them have been extremely traumatised by this War. These children will require support like Physiotherapy, Psychologists, Speech Therapy, Sports Therapy, Education and any other Medical and Social needs.

This news is upsetting to hear; young children alone and afraid is something we can all sympathise with and hope to protect against. We are encouraging all colleagues to continue to give what they can, every little helps to assist & support in some way and all donations so far have been greatly welcomed. We as a Company are donating €5000, direct to this worthy cause.

The ongoing global support can help ensure that families from Ukraine who were suddenly forced to flee their homes, find shelter and support in a safe place.