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The Fittest Workplace Challenge 2022

16 February 2022

The Fittest Workplace

About the Challenge

Engagement, motivation and positive energy can be hard to keep alive at the best of times, but with the added nuisance of a global pandemic, this can be more challenging.

Since its inception in 2017, Zevo Health has gone from stride to stride to become one of the most innovative and expert-led drivers of workplace wellbeing across the world. Ace Express Freight is delighted to be participating in The Fittest Workplace challenge 2022 which sees companies measure up against themselves to ensure they are not just improving the health and wellbeing of their employees but also creating fantastic engagement and keeping spirits high within organisations. We have 3 amazing teams —  Ace Avengers | Freight Fighters | Ace in the hole | at the ready, runners dusted down, now it's time to start stepping it out! Best of luck to everyone!