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Your route into Europe

14 September 2022

Your Route into Europe – expert advice from our European Export Specialist Matt Finn.

As clients and partners of Enterprise Ireland, Ace Express Freight are working closely with local manufacturing companies to help them grow their European markets and expand their exports from Ireland.

There’s never been a better time for Irish companies to do business in Europe, so we asked our European Exports Specialist Matt Finn to share some top tips on how our customers can maximise export opportunities and connect with new customers, suppliers and partners from all across Europe.

Tell us a little bit about your past experience and how it will help customers?

I’m a transport and logistics professional with 14 years’ diverse experience in operations management, quality compliance and business development lending to expertise in pharmaceutical, high value goods and FMCG transport. I’m a graduate of BSc (hons) Transport and Logistics Management and qualified Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Champion, so my experience and expertise in the transport industry can help provide a comprehensive logistics solution for customers throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

What are the current opportunities and threats our customers should be aware of? 

Transport is a highly competitive industry, so to retain market share Ace Express Freight are constantly evolving and striving to provide better solutions to our customers. One such solution is the introduction of our new Transport Management Software (TMS) Azyra, which will integrate our operations and provide a seamless online ordering and real time track & trace, providing customers with excellent visibility of their shipments across Europe.

Ireland, as an island nation, depends heavily on the transport of goods in and out of the country, so the global fuel crisis is a real challenge for companies exporting across Europe by Road Freight. We work closely with our network of European partners to maximise route efficiency and optimise the space on each shipment, reducing costs where possible. 

Another major threat to the transport industry in recent years is the shortage of qualified and trained staff. This applies not only to drivers, but also to customs and operations staff. To mitigate this risk and maintain an excellent service for customers, ACE have invested heavily in scaling up all of our teams over the past 12 months and have worked hard to implement staff wellness and incentive programmes to ensure we continue to retain the top talent in the sector, and a highly motivated, committed, and positive team for our customers to work with. A large and experienced team brings additional skillsets and a broader knowledge base, providing increased opportunities for customers.

How can you and Team ACE help them to maximize these opportunities?

We are constantly expanding our sales and operations teams to ensure there is an abundance of trained and highly experienced staff available to give customers the best possible solution to meet their needs, in particular for European Exports. We are shipping 9-10 trailers per week into Europe and volumes are growing, so we have the capacity and the people to provide an excellent European service.

We have been building our European network for over 30 years and we have developed long term partnerships with the leading freight and logistics companies in Europe such as Groupe Heppner, EKOL, NTG, Pallex, Arcese, and many more. Through these partnerships we have expanded our direct routes and increased services between Ireland and all the major European countries and ports. We now have direct weekly import and export services to Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, the Nordics, Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland and Eastern Europe; providing unrivalled access to European Markets for Irish companies.

What specific advice can you give to customers who want to grow their business in Europe? 

Grow your European business sustainably and choose a Fright & Logistics Partner you can trust to scale your European operations when needed and help build competitive advantage by keeping your promises to your European customer’s each and every time. With our new TMS, highly experienced European team, and excellent European coverage, we can create a completely tailored freight and logistics solution to help you expand your exports in Europe.

If you want advice on how you can grow your European Exports, just give me a call or drop me an email.

Tel: 00353 (1) 8702823

Are you attending the Export Industry Awards 2022 on 29th September? Look forward to meeting you there!   

Europe Solutions

Our services include:

  • Guaranteed levels of service for express groupage and full loads between Ireland and anywhere in mainland Europe.
  • We offer the fastest and most economical solutions for the movement of road freight to and from the continent.
  • Groupage, larger part loads, and urgent cargo are our specialties, and we promise excellent service, competitive rates and guaranteed peace of mind.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to arrange a call or if you need an alternative quote on an upcoming shipment to and from Europe.