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Temporary Import Procedures

Temporary Import Procedures

ATA Carnet Document

To use an ATA carnet to import the equipment on a temporary basis. Your company can apply for an ATA Carnet to the chamber and they will advise further.  See web information regarding the process from Ireland -   

The ATA carnet usually lasts for one year and can be used for multiple journeys back and forth between Ireland and UK.  The ATA carnet is used as import and export documentation and provides security for the goods while in the EU.  The use of the ATA carnet is limited to importations of:

  • professional equipment.
  • goods for display or use at an exhibition, fairs, or meetings.
  • commercial samples. 

Temporary Admission of Goods for Display or use at Exhibitions, Fairs or Meetings

Temporary Admission Authorisation
If you frequently import goods under the temporary admission procedure an authorisation is required. In order to obtain a full Temporary Admission Authorisation, the importer must have a comprehensive guarantee in place so no duty on deposit is required.

If you wish to apply for authorisation for Temporary Admission as well as applying for a comprehensive guarantee you must apply via the Customs Decision System (CDS) for the Temporary Admission procedure.  

Please see Revenue web details with information regarding the application for temporary admission on the CDS -     

Please see Revenue web information on the Temporary Admission procedure -  

And Temporary Admission of Goods for Display or Use at exhibitions, fairs or meetings: 

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