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New Partnership Announcement with NTG

22 February 2022

New Partnership on Irish - Europe Market

Mark Tracey Ace Express Freight and Roy van Collem NTG are delighted to announce the development of a new Partnership between Ireland and Europe on delivering scheduled groupage services via a network of more than 100 offices in over 30 countries in Europe.

Tracey says that with a fleet of more than 3,500 trailers in Europe and daily scheduled services to and from multiple platforms in Europe NTG are a dream partner that can provide highly reliable scheduled services and like Ace Express Freight have a passion for delivering continuous improvement on an already exceptional service.

While Europe and the rest of the world have struggled with supply chain issues in particular over the last 24 months both NTG and Ace Express Freight have seen both their market share nearly double over the past 12 months. Van Collem says that for sure we both see this is a partnership for the future and one where new ideas and innovation go hand in hand, NTG already renowned for their commitment to express deliveries in Europe are already running double manned express groupage services to a large portion of Europe on a daily basis with Ace Express Freight providing the cross channel and overnight distribution on the island of Ireland.

It is a wonderful service for any export or indeed import focused company that want to plug into a reliable and expanding European distribution platform that not only deliveries excellent services across the whole of Europe but has also managed to keep costs extremely competitive.